Cutie in the Country

Loved how this little guy was just modeling for me on this old country road. So cute. What I really love about this photo is that it was taken on a country road very near to where his Daddy grew up. His Daddy rode bikes on this old country road, it has many memories and deep meaning for him. This is what my business is All about. I want my photos to reflect who a person is, what they love to do, and show a piece of their life. In the future when this little guy is grown up and has his own littles, he can show them this photo and say, "Your Grandpa lived there in the country and rode his bike there when he was little". Priceless. What will matter the most to our loved ones in the future is the love they remembered and being able to see an authentic photo that is real life and has true gut meaning and memories for them. Photos are personal and should leave a legacy of our lives. At the end of our roads we are on, what is left is the love, the memories, and our photos. ❤️

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