Senior Year - a milestone in ones life

For those that have children graduating from high school it is such a range of emotion. It is such an momentous moment in ones life. You feel proud of them, happy, sad, worry, and the overall Blessing of this precious child that you've been given the privilege to raise. Now they are off to find their way. I will never forget leaving our first born at college in another state. It was bittersweet. I remember going to a Freshman parents meeting and them telling us, " parents this is much harder on you than your student, just give them a hug and kiss and jet, they'll do great". As we were leaving we drove a couple of blocks away, pulled over and had a good sobbing cry. Lots and lots of Kleenex's. We were grateful he was there with his future wife, our now precious daughter in law that they had each other on this adventure. So many emotions knowing they weren't going to come flying through the door everyday. I wasn't going to hear him playing his drums downstairs every day. I couldn't just hug him everyday, hear him laugh, see his smile. Parents let me tell you when you get past those college years and see your children grow in to amazing adults with a spouse and their own littles it is Glorious. Every moment with your family is precious, every milestone. Around every corner is a new chapter of life to enjoy and love, and of course to take tons of photos of. Be sure to get lots of photos of all of those milestones in your lives. ❤️

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